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rrogramming challenges 3. Chips and Salsa Write a program that lets a maker of chips and salsa keep track of sales for five differ- ent types of salsa: mild, medium, sweet, hot, and zesty. The program should use two parallel S-element arrays: an array of strings that holds the five salsa names, and an array of integers that holds the number of jars sold during the past month for each sa type. The salsa names should be stored using an initialization list at the time the name array is created. The program should prompt the user to enter the number of jars sold for each type. Once this sales data has been entered, the program should produce a report that displays sales for each salsa type, total sales, and the names of the highest selling and lowest selling products. Input Validation: Do not accept negative values for mumber of iars sold.
An example of how i want it same details same evwrything

Debug Team Dald Lake View Project Build Incredibuild x86 Local Windows Debugger . р (Global Scope) tPakbaz Arrays Practice 1 E//Matt Pakbaz 2 /1/28/2019 3 //Arrays class practice s otinclude<iostream> # include <string> #includeccstdlìb> //For rand | #include<ctime> //To seed the random number //For formatting 8 #includeciomanip> 10 using namespace std; //Function prototypes 12 void fillArrays (stringl], int[], int) 13 void printArray(const string[], const intt), int) 14 double calcAverage(int], int); 15 16 17 18 19 にint main() const int SIZE = 4; / /Declare two arrys string userNames[SIZE]; 20 21 ./Cal1 functions to fill and display 23 24 25 int points[SIZE]; fillArrays(userNames, points, SIZE) printArray (userNames, points, SIZE) 100 % Output Show output from: Debug MattPakbaz Arrays Practice.exe (Win32): Loaded C: Windows Syshow64\bcryptprimitives.dll Cannot MattPakbaz Arrays Practice.exe (Win32): Load The thread 8x1848 has exited with code 0 (8x0) The thread Ox1154 has exited with code 0 (0x0) The thread 8x754 has exited with code 0 (8x0) The thread 0x1734 has exited with code e (0x8) The program (1564] MattPakbaz, Arrays Practice.exe has exited with code (0x0) ed C:Windows 1SyswOW64,sechost.d. Cannot find or find o open the Ln 14 Col 32 HP LE220lw
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