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AN INCIDENT IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT Taken for a Ride The hotel advertised the avilability of f mation when she booked for a meeting at company headquarters about one mile away. She ised the availability of free shuttle service. A business guest relied on tha to arrange the trip only to be told that first priority went to airline employees. (The hotel has a rooms contract with the airli the first day rooms contract with the airine.) As a result, she was late for appointmarits the first day The guest complained and was told that the shuttle would be available it he called with a 30-45 minute lead time. On the second day, she did that from the office. D the pickup was never made; she took a cab back. Arrangements worked both ways the oths days. On the last morning, she was stunned to learn that the shuttle was leaving in 5 minutes not between 30 and 45 minutes after her call. She had not finished dressing and had had no breakfast. Questions 1. Was there a management failure here? If so, what? 2. What is the hotels immediate response (or action) to the incident? 3. What further, long-run action should m anagement take? If any?
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