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An Inconvenient Sequel- Truth to Power As you will see in this film, the estimates made 10 years ago in An Inconvenient Truth (2006) were underestimates The Earth is warming. No one disputes that. More specifically, 97% of scientists believe that humans are the cause ofthe warming. Only 97%?, a skeptic might ask. If you were to get on plane, and the captain announced We have a 97% chance of crashing would you get off that plane? Note: The senator interviewing Gore in the opening scene is Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who despite having no science background, is a well-established global warming conspiracy theorist who has called climate change a hoax la. What happoned to summer temperaue 1980s b. What then ha sumner temperatures in the 1990s? aned to Simer temperatures from 2005 to now? 2a. What does the green line noted by Dr. Rignot (UC Irvine) represent? 2b. What implications do trends like this have for the world oceans?

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