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An IT support organization within a large company wants to develop a relational database to keep track of its work. We will call users of the organizations service CLIENTs. CLIENTs, as needed, submit requests for help called TICKETs. Each TICKET, in turn, can have multiple PROBLEM ITEMs. There are many SUPPORT SPECIALISTs in the organization. Eventually each PROBLEM_ITEM is assigned to a unique SUPPORT_SPECIALIST. Each SUPPORT SPECIALIST can have multiple PROBLEM ITEMs assigned to him or her. Since PROBLEM ITEMs may not be assigned to a human SUPPORT SPECIALIST immediately upon arrival, some PROBLEM_ITEMs can be assigned to the SUPPORT_SPECIALIST named Unassigned. 1. Draw an Entity-Relationship diagram for this situation. Be sure to indicate many to one relationships and one to one relationships correctly 2. For each of the following attributes, say which entity they most logically should be associated with. Also mention if each attribute is likely to be a Key field, a Primary Key, and/or used as a Foreign Key in the table of other entity(s) to establish a relationship. If the attribute is not likely to be any of these things, mention that. o Support_Specialist_ID_Number o Text_Description_of_Problem o Specialist First_Name o Ticket_ID Number

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