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lol the function (List in order) HShin y Right n (x),-4 cot (2x-r) + 2 compared with its parent. VStretclh 6. Mark Twain is on another river steamboat. As the paddlewheel turned, a point on the paddle blade moved so that its distance, y, from the waters surface was a sinusoidal function of time. When Marks stopwatch read 1 second, the point was at its above the waters surface. The diameter of the wheel was 26 ft, and it completed a revolution every 10 highest, 22 ft seconds. (a) Sketch a complete cycle of this function, and label all of the critical points (highs, midles,and lows) with their ordered pairs. (b) Write a function for your graph Bonus: No work, no credit 1) (2 points) The table below represents a tangent function h) The graph of which function is the same as the graph of hx) ?
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