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anceint history 


PART A:  Features of ancient societies:

Greek and Roman women – 40 marks                           


Question 1   (10 marks)

Explain the meaning each term listed below. For some terms, you will need to explain the connection of women to that term.

One mark for each correct answer.

a)         hetairai

b)         metics

c)         The Pythia

d)         freedwomen

e)         serfs

f)          helots

g)         epikleros

h)         Vestal virgins

i)          pornai

j)          plebeians



Question 2   (12 marks)                                                                                          

Much of our information about women in ancient Greek and Roman society comes
from a variety of sources.

a) Using the table in your textbook Antiquity 1 fourth edition, Source 3 on
     page 359 complete the following table:                                                                 4  marks                                            


Type of text


Evidence provided

Perspective of source

i  Gender and status of writer

ii  purpose of writing

iii audience

Against Neaera, 122





Oeconomicus, 7.22-24





Attic Nights, 1.6.1





Natural History, 28.23






Question 2 (cont’d)                                                                                                

b) Discuss what these sources reveal about the roles women were expected to perform in society. Refer to the specific sources in your answer and comment on their reliability and perspective.                                                                                                                    4 marks


c) Identify TWO sources (other than written) where knowledge may be gained about women of ancient Greece and Rome. Clearly identify the sources you choose.                      2  marks

d) How reliable would these two sources be for an historian?                                  2  marks


Question 3   (8 marks)                                                                            

a) List TWO ways in which the lives of Spartan citizen women differed from
    citizen women in Athens.                                                                                        2 

b) Describe the marital arrangements in ancient society for:                                    

i.  Athenian women
ii. Spartan citizen women
iii. Roman aristocratic women                                                                                   6  marks

Question 4   (10 marks)

How did involvement in social and political life differ for women in ancient Greek and Roman
societies?  Refer to specific evidence in your response.


Assyrian weapons and warfare – 40 marks                   

Question 5   (10 marks)

a) i. What time in history did the Assyrian Empire span?                                          1 mark                                               

ii. Describe the geographical area of the Assyrian empire.                                   2 marks

b)  Complete the table by writing the terms below against its appropriate
     definition:                                                                                                               7 marks

manumission     garrison     vassal    flayed    annals     tribute    Semitic

A person or country in a subordinate position to another


Troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend it


People of Hebrew or Arabic background


To have the skin stripped from the body


Yearly historical records


 Slave who is granted their freedom by their master


A tax or payment made periodically by a vassal state to a superior power, especially as a sign of dependence



Question 6   (10 marks)                                                                                                                                                                             

a) Other than the source below, identify THREE various sources available to investigate
     the reign of Assyrian kings.                                                                                   3 marks

b) How did the Assyrian army deal with a society that seriously rebelled?   Refer to
    specific evidence in your answer.                                                                          4 marks

c) Assess the usefulness of the source below when investigating warfare in this period.
    Be sure to refer to the source in your answer.                                                       3 marks

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