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Question: ancient history question 2 10 marks only use the case...

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Question 2                                                                                                                 10 marks

Only use the Case Study on Jericho to answer this question. Other sources such as the Web will not give you the correct answers.

Complete the blank spaces with the relevant word/s.

One mark for each correct answer

a)    The city of Jericho lies within an ______________sustained by a spring called the Fountain of Elisha.

b)    Jericho lies at 260 metres below sea level, between the Jordan River and the city of ______________, on a natural crossroads.

c)    References to Jericho are found in the books of Numbers and ______________, which form part of the Bible.

d)    Jericho is located in the territory of the West ______________ which was occupied in 1967 by a particular power. In the year 1993 this power agreed to grant

e)     ______________ to the Palestinians.

f)     Early excavators of Tell-es-Sultan were most interested to see if its archaeological remains could verify the story ______________.

g)    The third archaeologist to dig at Jericho was surprised to discover that the city was founded in the Neolithic era, and that this happened well before the invention of ______________.

h)    The fourth archaeologist to dig at Jericho discovered the oldest known ______________ in the world, and concluded that its people may have been among the

i)      world’s first ______________.

We call the first inhabitants of Jericho ______________, but we have no idea what they 

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