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Question 4                                                                                                     5 marks

The return of cultural property continues to be an area of dispute between nations.

What is meant by ‘cultural property’?                                                       1 mark


Read the following and propose which countries might have claims on   ‘Priam’s Treasure’ of Troy.                                                                                   4 marks

Note: ‘propose’ in this context requires you to put forward your point of view for consideration regarding the validity of each country’s claim on the treasure.

Heinrich Schliemann, an amateur German archaeologist, who funded his own dig, excavated a legendary collection of gold objects from ancient Troy. He smuggled the find out of Turkey to Athens, where he hid it from the Greek police after Turks took legal action to recover it. Schliemann later took the find to Berlin, selling it for a substantial amount to a Berlin museum. In May 1945 the Soviet Red Army plundered the Berlin museum and transported the treasure to the USSR. In recent years the Russian government has confirmed that the smuggled find is in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Antaoly Vilkov, deputy chief of the Russian agency that preserved the nation’s cultural legacy, has been reported as stating, “In line with the law on transferred valuables, everything that the Soviet Union took as compensation, which includes Schliemann’s gold as well, is not subject to return.” Part of the treasure which was given back by Schliemann to the Ottoman government as a gesture to get the second permission for excavations and part of that which was found in later excavations, is now on display in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul.


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