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and flat is shared bay bo 17. l cels witha singl pig D) a digestive system ED heth A and D foar events during an animals developmenr? of the folkowing 1R. What is the correct seguence fernilizatios 4 cleavage A)4.3, 2, I B)4,3,1,2 C)32,4, D) 3, 4, 2, I E)3, 4, I,2 19. Malpighian tubules A) 8) Regulate osmotic pressure in insect cells. C) Play a major role in digestion in insects D) Function in excretion in insects Assist echinoderms in motility E) Secrete the exoskeleton in insects 20. What is the evolutionary advantage of closed circulatory system over open circulatory system? n system are subject to contamination from the environment. 8. Blood pressure is higher in open systems C. Blood in closed systems can be shunted where it is needed. D. Blood loss is greater in open systems E. A and D only. 21. The loss of water by evaporation from a leaf is termed. A. Perspiration. B. Transpiration. C. Transduction. D. Translocation. E. Respiration. 22. Phyllotaxy is A. The arrangement of leaves in the stem. 8. The phylum to which an organism belongs. The phylum to which a plant organism belongs The enzyme activity in plants An indication of apical dominance.
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