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and give an example for each from your observations of reproductive behavior in fruit flies. aime four modes of communication that have been described for animals, APPLYING YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1. Adult male European robins have red feathers on their breasts. A male robin will display aggressive behavior and attack another male robin that invades his territory during mating season. Immature male robins with all brown feathers do not elicit this behavior in the adult robin. How could you explain this behavior? Design an experiment to test your explanation (hypothesis). Bees, ants, and other social insects are able to detect and will remove dead organisms from their colony. Scientists have analyzed decaying insects and found they give off compounds-mostly oleic acid and linoleic acid-as they decay. You know that social insects display some of the most complex behaviors in response to environmental stimuli of any animal groups. In lab today, you learned that it is possible to explain behaviors based on anthropomorphic causes, but that scientists base explanations on proxi- 2.
Animal Behavior mate and ultimate causes (see Lab Topic Introduction). Using bees as the experimental animals, in the space below, propose explanations (hypoth- eses) based on these three perspectives-anthropomorphic, proximate, and ultimate-and then propose a research project for those hypotheses that can be tested scientifically a. Anthropomorphic causes: Possible research project: b. Proximate causes: Possible research project: c. Ultimate causes:
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