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and the volume increases to 27 mL. What is the change in volume of water in the graduated cylinder? 2ml What is the density of the metal? 0.6 cyinder QUESTION 6 0.5 poln Three separate lab groups determined the density of a metal to be 12.59 calculate the average density among the measurements. Enter your answer as a number, but DO NOT include the units (which would also be g/mL). Follow the rules for significant figures in determining how many digits to include in your answer QUESTION 7 If the accepted density of the metal is 13.0 g/mL, use the average density to calculate a percent error for the measurements. You can consult the introduction to the lab to find the formula for calculating percent error. Notice that this formula uses the absolute value bars, so percent errors are always positive numbers. Enter your answer as a number. Do not include the percent sign or any words/letters. Use 1 significant figure in your answer. Save All Answers Clhick Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.

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