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Question: andnbsp scenario andndash mr jason mcfarlane iandnbsp jason is 17 year old...

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Scenario – Mr Jason McFarlane

I:  Jason is 17 year old male

S: Presented to the accident and emergency department after a motor vehicle accident (MVA). An X-ray confirmed a fractured right (R) tibia and broken ribs. He also has concussion from a head injury sustained in the MVA.

B: Jason has no significant medical or surgical history. He has an allergy to Morphine.

Social History (SHx):

·         Lives at home with mother, step-father and siblings.

·         Recently completed high school, waiting to hear if he has a place in university

·         Recently obtained his driver’s licence

·         Has a girlfriend Lucy

·         Spends a lot of time playing computer games, is not very physically active.

A: Jason is 88kg and 172cm in height. Current vital signs Resp 28, O2 Sats 97% on room air (RA), BP 130/85, HR 110, Temp 37, and pain 6/10.

R: Jason is scheduled to have surgery to repair his fractured tibia, an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). He needs to be prepared for surgery planned this afternoon.


Question 1

It has been determined after the emergency response that Jason has had an acute brain haemorrhage. He is unconscious and requires a tracheostomy and a nasogastric tube to be inserted for NG feeds.

Outline your care of a tracheostomy tube. In your response consider:

          a .       care of the tracheostomy including suctioning and dressing changes

          b.        your scope of practice as an EN caring for a client with a tracheostomy

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