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Andrea Miles is the GT teacher at Meridian Elementary school. As part of her duties, she is to screen, identify and assess students who exhibit characteristics of gifted and talented students. The GT program in her school district is well known for being rigorous and enriching for students, and many times families will move into the district in hopes of getting their child identified for the program. Ms. Meridian recently found out that her close friend’s niece, Stefanie, has enrolled at her school. Stefanie was identified as GT in her previous district, but because GT identification has different criteria for each school district in the state, being GT in one school district, does not always mean a student will be GT in a new school district.
Meridian ISD has very rigorous criteria for the GT program, and oftentimes students who were GT in a previous district, will no longer qualify for the GT program once they move to Meridian. Unfortunately, this was the case for Stefanie. Her test scores, at the 95th percentile, were just shy of the 97th percentile score, set by district policy, she needed to qualify at Meridian. Admission into the GT program requires a committee of at least 3 GT certified teachers as per the state plan. The committee has the authority to qualify students whose scores are close to qualifying, like Stefanie’s, on the basis of a “preponderance of evidence”. The last couple of students with almost qualifying scores, that were brought to the committee, in hopes of a “yes” decision based on the “preponderance of evidence”, were not admitted into the program. Because Stefanie was related to her good friend, and because she truly felt that she was a great candidate for the program, Ms. Miles did not want risk her not being admitted. In preparing the paperwork for the committee admission meeting, Ms. Miles changed Stefanie’s score from a 95th to a 97th. With the information Ms. Miles provided, the committee admitted Stefanie into the program based on her meeting the Meridian school district requirements.
1. Identify the behaviors that you believe violate standards in the Educator Code of Ethics?
2. Which standards do you think were violated, explain your reasoning.
3. What different choices or actions, could Ms. Miles have chosen in order to act in accordance with the code of ethics.

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