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Angela is doing a research project on individuals willingness to take risks. She creates the following survey question to measure risk acceptance and aversion: You can get $10 to keep, or you can turn in that $10 for a 1/10 chance of winning $100. Which would you choose? Responses to the question are either 1) Take $10 0) Chance it for $100. She reasons that the two choices yield the same value based on expected utility, the dollar amount multiplied by the probability of receiving a pay out ($10- $100 x0.10). She measures risk-averse as Take $10 and risk-accepting as Chance it for $100. In a short paragraph ( four sentences), evaluate the face validity of this measure. Be sure to explain why you believe this measure has strong or weak validity. (4 points) In a second paragraph, come up with your own measure of risk that could be asked on a survey. Be sure the following items are included in your discussion. (4 points) 1. 2. Write out your survey question and include responses available to the respondent. a. b. Explain your rationale for the measure. Do you think your measures has strong/weak face validity? Why? c.3. Thinking back to class, we discussed defining and measuring democracy. Robert Dahl, an important political thinker in the modern era, argues that participation and contestation are the two key features of any democracy. Here, contestation refers to whether a country has broadly open contests to decide on its leadership and participation refers to the degree to which citizens are engaged in political processes and activities. Yet, the most commonly used measure of democracy (POLITY) places more weight on contestation and less weight on participation1. Propose a way of measuring participation that could be added to make POLITY a better measure. Importantly, your measure should be broad enough to apply to any country but specific enough to ensure measurement reliability. (4 points)

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