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Animation Quiz: 1.6 X 0 | О www.ma mlar higher d co Naunchpad s biologyphys3e/10007432#/launchpaditemy MODULE bs TAFB4514 a A Done Animation Quiz: 1.6 1. Which statement describes a correlation between two variables? O Correlated variables are independent; how one varies does not have an effect on how the other varies. O Correlated variables are interdependent; as one varies so does the other in a predictable fashion. O Correlated variables are dependent; how they change is predicted by change in a third unknown variable. O Correlated variables strongly imply their change is caused by a third, perhaps unknown, variable Correlated variables demonstrate causality; change in the independent variable directs change in the dependent variable. 2. Which statements describe the relationship between correlation and causation? Select the TWO answers that are corredt Correlation alone is not sufficient evidence to attribute causation. When a correlation has a high probability, it strongly implies causation. Strong correlations among variables are evidence of causation by the independent variable. D Either variable might be the cause, or both variables might be influenced by a third unknown variable. when two variables correlate, it strongly implies that a third unknown variable is the causal factor.
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