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Question: ans 784km 49kmi do not know how to get this...

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In a 2.5 Gb/s (bitrate) standard single-mode optical fibre communication system, the fibre has the chromatic dispersion parameter D - 16 ps/(km nm) and the spectral width of the optical pulse M-0.02 nm. Calculate the dispersion-limited distance for this fibre communication system. Whern upgrading this system to a higher transmission capacity of 10 Gbit/s, calculate the dispersion-limited distance. Discuss the engineering design implications based on the calculated distances.



49KM(I do not know how to get this one!!,At 10GB condition)


Dispersion: Chromatic Dispersion (CD) When upgrading from 2.5- to 10-Gbit/s systems, most technical challenges are less than four times as complicated and the cost of components is usually much less than four tirnes as expensive. However, when increasing the bit rate by a factor of 4, the effect of chromatic dispersion increases by a factor of 16! o Why? The dispersion-limited distance : LD-1/ (DB Δλ) Note that spectral width modulation of the lightwave! i.e. the faster the is proportional to the . herejore wider the speciral bandwidih LD is proportional to 1 / B2 .

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