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Why the transformers magnetic cores are made of laminated core plates? The transformer operates at the rated load. Its input current is 10A and output current is 2A. Its primary w contains 100 turns. Specify its secondary winding number of turns. Is it step- up or step- down? How inductional motors shaft rpm can be controlled? Will the 1 kHz HPF pass a 100 Hz signal? 2. 3. 4. 5. An induction motor with phase wound rotor operates at the rated load. Now shaft load is decreased. Does have effect on motor shaft speed? 6. A PMG (permanent magnet generator) rotation speed in increased twice. Does it have effect on its outpu 7. 8. voltage and frequency? Which electrical motor cannot operate at no-load? A shunt-wound DC generator load current is increased twice. Does it have effect on its output voltage? 9. The shunt-wound DC motor field current was increased. Does it have effect or its shaft rpm?

Ans any 5 frnds

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