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Answer 1 ,5b and the last question of 7
What is the function of Arabinose in transformation of E. coli? 1 point 2. List four important characteristics of plasmid DNA. 1 point 3. A single-stranded DNA has a base sequence of 5 TCCGTAACGGTTC3. Circle the DNA sequences shown below that will base pair (hybridize) with this DNA. 1 point Circle the correct answer (s). 5 TCCGTAACGGCC 3 3GGCATTGCCAATT 5 5 AGGCATTGCCTTG 3 3AGGCATTGCCAAG 5 4. What structures of cheek cells must be broken to release the chromosomal DNA from a cell? 1 point s.a. How did Taq DNA polymerase acquire its name? 1 point b. What is the unique property of Taq DNA polymerase to use in PCR? 1 point 6. Describe the three main steps of each cycle of PCR amplification and what reactions occur at each temperature. 2 points
7. Human chromosomes contain many regions of repetitive nucleotide sequence. One of those known as PV92 Alu region. A PCR analysis was conducted and agarose gel electrophoresis was performed. Three types of PCR results were observed. A representative picture of agarose gel electrophoresis (group 1, 2, and 3) is shown below. Study the picture and answer the question below: 2 points 941 bp 641 bp Which group represents homozygous +/: in) Which group represents homozygous--: n Which group represents heterozygous+- Why two PCR products differ by 300 base pairs of DNA
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