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1. In order to establish a polarized cell membrane a) Potassium tends to leak out of the cell passively b) Sodium leaks into c) differences in ion permeabi d) All of the above are correct with a concentration gradient. passively into the cell with a concentration gradient lity are responsible for differences in charge across the membrane 2. The cell organelle in which most of the ATP synthesis occurs is the a) nucleus b) plasma membrane c. peroxisome d. mitochondrion 3. Glands that secrete products into the blood are classified as a) merocrine b) holocrine c) endocrine d) exocrine 4. Fibroblasts, steoblasts and chondroblasts are derived fom undiferentiated embryonic tissuc a) parental connective tissue b) mesenchyme c) connective tissue proper d) areolar connective 5 The stem cell from which blood cells are derived is the a) fibroblast b) chondrobiast c) hemocytoblast d) reticular cell 6 Chemical reactivity of an element is largely determined by a) number of protons in the nucleus of the atom b) number ot neutrons in the nucieus of the atom c) number of electrons in the outer or valence shell of the atom d) number of positronic particles in the element Osmosis a) is the ditfusion of a solvent, such as water, through a selectively permeable membrane, from a solution ot lesser osmolarity to a solution of greater osmolarity b) is classified as an active process which requires energy from the cell ) only occurs in tes: tubes and therefore is not important to metabolism in living cells d) All of the abovefa b. and c) are correct
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