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answer 2.164

Problems 2.163-2.166 alternating series. For each are value a. Exp series... (a) If lim an say be 0, indicate that the series diverges by Σ 14,1 can be shown positive-term series Σ1aal diverges, point is test wor series co 2.181 The fol tion y - scribed h curve be the nth-term test. (b) If the positive-term series to converge, indicate that the series is absolutely convergent. (c) If the lim a, 0, and la ,] for all n, indicate that the series conditionally converges by the alternating series test. 2.164 Σ-1(-1)/v/m 2.165 ΣΤΟ: 1 (-1)/sinn 2.166 Σ-1(-1)(111 n)/n In Problems 2.167-2.175, determine whether each series is convergent or divergent by using the 0

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