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Answer all of them, please
1. Identifying types of resources Each item described in the table falls into the resource category of labor, capital, or land. In the following table, choose the correct type of resource illustrated by each example Labor Capital Land A truck used by a delivery service company The ability to multitask, which is enhanced through college and internships A field used for crops, such as corn or wheat
is an indicator of poverty generates the need for a rationing device can be eliminated by competitive markets Attempts: Keep the 2. Scarcity and opportunity cost Complete the following statement: Scarcity Grade It Now
3. Evaluating opportunity costs Dina and Charles need to decide which one of them will take time off from work to complete the rather urgent task of shearing their llamas. Dina is pretty good with a pair of shears; she can shear the llamas in 1 hour. Charles is somewhat slow; it takes him 6 hours to shear the llamas. Dina earns $120 per hour as a psychiatrist, while Charles earns $15 per hour as a cobbler. Keeping in mind that either Dina or Charles must take time off from work to shear the llamas, who has the lowest opportunity cost of completing the task? ina and Charles face equal opportunity costs Charles Dina Grade It Now Save & Continue
6. All other things constant or nothing else changes Stella is a research assistant for her favorite physics professor, Dr. McClintock. for tires on the velocity of model cars rolling down an inclined plane Dr. Mcclintock is interested in studying the effects of different materials Stella knows from her economics class that to isolate the effects of a particular phenomenon, all other things must remain the same. In Latin, this is referred to as In order to keep all other things the same and isolate the effects of one particular variable in the physics experiment, Stella will want to do which of the following? Check all that apply Hold constant the material used for the body of the car. Make sure the incline is the same angle for each trial. Clean up after her experiment carefully Save &Continue Grade It Now
7. Normative and positive statements The following table contains statements that provide some analysis of policies that address breast cancer Categorize each of them as positive or normative. Statement Breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death. For women aged 60 to 69, breast cancer screening significantly reduces breast cancer mortality. Doctors should encourage women aged 60 to 69 to be screened for breast cancer. The government should force doctors to encourage women aged 60 to 69 to be screened for breast cancer. Positive Normative Grade It Now Save& Continue Continue without saving
8. Microeconomics and macroeconomics Determine whether each of the following topics would more likely be studied in microeconomics or macroeconomics. Microeconomics Macroeconomics The effects of the Internet on the pricing of used cars The effect of a large government budget deficit on the economys price level The effect of government regulation on a monopolists production decisions
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