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mulaproblem7symba uploaded%2rpur Shynggys Menglibay(Student Main Menu | Contents section: 50o) STAT 35000,Intro To Statistics, Chakraborty, Spring 2019 Practice Problems: 3.1 (p.83), 3.33 (p.94), 3.37 (p.94), 3.71 (p.107), 3.73 (p.107), 3.99 (p.115) Additional Questions: 3.7, 3.13, 3.41, 3.47, 3.103, 3.105, 3.109 (1 point BONUs) Calculate the computing formula from the definition of sample variance. That is show that n 1 bmission type O Submit entries below as answer to receive credit Save entries below (not submitted for credit yet) Choose file(s) to submit Allowed filetypes: doc,docx,xls,xilsx,ppt,pptx,png.jpg.ipeg.gif,txt,pdf,htm,html Combined size of all files not to exceed: 10.0 MB. Submit a file: (only one file per submission) No fie chosen OR: Submit Answer Tries oys
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