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Question: answer both pages of questions for thumbs up thanks...

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Answer both pages of questions for thumbs up. Thanks
Part Two: Atomic Structure Complete the following table Particle Proton Neutron Electron Location Charge Part Three: Electrons and Vacancies The innermost shell of an atom has room for 2 electrons, shells after that have room for 8 electrons. The outermost shell of an atom is its valence shell. If that shell is full it is chemically inactive. If it has a vacancy it is chemically active. In an uncharged atom the number of protons and electrons are equal. Use atomic number (number of protons to help you complete the following chart. Chemical Number of electrons Number of electrons in the reactivity? Yes valence shell or No Element Hydrogen Helium Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Neon Part Four: Bonding
Name each of the following bonds. A) Two oxygen atoms equally share 2 pairs of electrons. B) A n oxygen shares two pairs of electrons unequally, one from each of two hydrogens. C) NaCI is formed when an electron from sodium is transferred to the chlorine. D) Two water molecules are attracted to each other. Part Six: Chemical Formulas and Reactions Below is a chemical reaction. Answer the questions. What are the reactants? What are the products? How many of each atom are on either side of the arrow? Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen --> Is the reaction balanced?
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