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Question 3 (5 points) Given the position function s(t), s(t)-t3-5t, where s is measured in meters and t is in seconds, find the velocity and acceleration of the particle at t-3 seconds. (5 points) 1) 12 m/sec; 22 m/sec2 2) 22 m/sec; 18 m/sec2 3) 22 m/sec; 6 m/sec2 4) 14 m/sec; 3 m/sec2 Question 4 (5 points) t 15t2 Given the position function st)- -1-+ 50t , between t-O and t-12, where s is given in feet and t is measured in seconds, find the interval in seconds where the particle is moving to the left. (5 points) 1) 0<t<5 2) 5t< 10 3) 10 <t 12 4) The particle always moves to the right
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