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Answer choices (some may be used more than once or not at all) Amino acids Biomolecules Question Your Answer 1. 2. 3. ANY molecule that contains carbon (such as propane, carbon dioxide cholesterol, etc.) is called what? Molecules that contain carbon AND are associated with living organisms, such as carbohydrates, lipids, etc, are called This category of biomolecule is the most abundant energy source used Conjugated Fatty acids tes 4. These biomolecules are hydrophobic and serve many roles in the body including energy storage, signaling molecules, and form an integral component of cell membranes. These biomolecules serve many functions throughout the body including signaling molecules, receiving signals, transporting other molecules or ions across the cell membrane, catalyzing reactions, regulating gene expression, and defending the body against pathogens. We will call these biomolecules the workers of the cell. This type of polymer plays an important role in information transfer from one generation to the next and in the creation of new proteins from single amino acid monomers Lipids Lipoprotein Monosaccharides Nucleotides Nucleic acids Organic Proteins 5. 6. Starch Triglycerides monosacchar 7. The monomers of carbohydrates are called what? is a polymer of glucose molecules that stores energy in Humans can also digest this polymer. is a polysaccharide that stores energy in plants. Humans can animals. starch Nucleotides also digest this polymer These molecules are the monomer form of proteins. monounsaturated, or polyunsaturated sugar, and a phosphate molecul different categories (e.g., a carbohydrate with one or more fatty acids 10. 11. These molecules are the building blocks of lipids, and can be saturated 12. These monomers are composed of a nitrogenous base, a 5-carbon 13. A biomolecule is called Fa acids WHAT DO YOU CALL AN ACID WITH AN ATTITUDE when it includes molecules from two attached is called a glycolipid) 14. When a lipid is attached to a protein, it is called a 15. When a sugar molecule is attached to a protein, it is called a 16. 17. Adenine and guanine f -- Glycoprote in Trialycendes Nu A-mean-oh acid. The primary storage form of lipids are orm a sub-group of nucleotides called
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