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Question: answer each question all assignments must be uploaded in ms...

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Answer each question. All assignments must be uploaded in MS Word.

1. Compare food security and food insecurity and identify the factors that contribute to each.

2. Discuss the effects of hunger and malnutrition and their impact on children.

3. Describe U.S. government programs designed to increase food security.

4. Describe organic food production, its regulation, and its potential benefits.

5. Discuss the current and potential uses of genetically modified foods, along with concerns related to their safety.

6. Explain how food preservation and processing methods affect food availability.

7. Describe the role of food additives in the food supply, along with how they are regulated.

8. List the major causes of foodborne and waterborne illnesses in the U.S. and describe how consumers can reduce the risk of these illnesses.

9. Describe the common environmental contaminants (heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics), their potential harmful effects, and how to reduce exposure to them. 10. Outline the rolew played by the gastrointestinal tract and the related accessory organs (liver, gallbladder, and pancreas) in digestion and absorption.

11. Describe how foods are moved along the digestive trace.

12. Explain the 4 main types of absorption, and where they occur along the digestive tract.

13. Identify the key enzymes and hormones involved in digestion and absorption and their functions.

14. Identify major nutrition-related gastrointestinal diseases and disorders and typical approaches to prevention and treatment.

15. Explain why diarrhea represents a serious health challenge to infants and young children around the world.

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