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Answer fast within 10 mins plz
Math 103-a &. It cost acompany $75 to produce 10 units of a prodace 30 cenain iem per day and 1ns units per day If the cost function is linear, then the cost of tems per day is (a) $120 ) 5157.5o (c) 575 (d) s45 T_İf the Aceal daily cost (in dollars) of pndacing, chair,i lg)-25q 280 and each chair sells foe S6, then the break-even quantity isb (a) so (b) 480 (c) 295 (d) 80 S. The domain of the function ) log (6-3)is ic) , 2) (d) 12,) (a) In 2 (b) In id) In +2 x-1 10 If log, 3-0.1750 and log, 25-0.5126, then log 1s (a) 0.6876 (b) 0.4313 ()0.3376 (d) 0.8626
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