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Question: answer is not 20 please help...

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On the planet Yado, there is a population of Lingkons. In this population, there is a phenotype known as Eganro ngkons with this phenotype prefer fruit to vegetables. Wild-type individuals like all forms of food. Eganro is determined by a gene with two alleles (E dominant (trait) allele, e recessive (wild-type) allele). It is know that the gene for Eganro follows a hal dominant mode of inheritance with reduced penetrance (although the penetrance is not known with certainty). It is conjectured that the An affected Lingkon and a true-breeding unaffected Lingkon mate and produce 100 offspring. The numbers of affected and unaffected offspring are: 27 Eganro offspring 73 Wild-type offspring. Which of the following values is the most like value for the penetrance of the Ee genotype?

Answer is not .20

please help!!

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