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Question: answer number 8 and please explain...

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Answer number 8 and please explain
b. lytic cycle. temperate cycle. d. strict cycle. of DNA? e. cycle. our understanding 8. How did Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase contribute to a. Used X-ray to examine the structure of DNA bases hydrolyze DNA b. ed that DNA contains four different nitrogenous that of phages Determin principle is destroyed by enzymes material Found that the transforming components are the genetic Found that the e. Discovered the transforming principle that could genetically alter bacteria DNA r 9. With respect to their 3 and 5 ends, the two polynucleotide chains of a double-stranded antiparallel b, isotopes. c. d. complementary. e. nitrogenous. is the sequence of the 10. If the sequence of one strand of DN is 5-GcTAGcGTcG-3, what
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