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uestion 1- Geometry, Trigonometry [15 Marks a) A male tennis player stands 7 feet 0 inches (7 0) tall in tennis shoes, holding his arms outstretched in the horizontal plane the centre of his hands are 7 apart, his shoulder height is 60 from the ground, shoulders 19 apart, as he lunges to serve he raises his body a further 4 off the ground. A tennis racquet is 23 in length, it is assumed that the sweet spot is 16 from the base of the handle and the players hand grips the bottom 4 of the racquet handle. If the player and racquet is at maximum vertical extent when hitting the ball what is the overall height of the struck ball if it hits the sweet spot perfectly? (Marks Breakdown: find height of struck ball [2 marks], workings shown [3]) b) A tennis court is defined as having length 78, width 27 & 36 for a single and doubles court, service box length of 21 and net height 3 all the way across the court. The player serves striking the ball at a position vertically above the baseline and at a horizontal position 10 from the side line of the singles court to the opposite service area and is called in, landing position is directly on the corner of the cross court service area line and the singles court sideline. Calculate the straight line distance from the ball strike position and landing position. What is the height of this line above the net cord? If the ball trajectory follows this straight line (simplistic zero gravity case) and assuming the diameter of the tennis ball is as per the standard at 6.7cm, does the ball make it over the net without hitting the net cord? (Marks Breakdown: find strike to landing distance [2 marks], height above net [2], does ball hit net [1], workings shown [5])

Answer of this question required from experts.

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