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KOilearning oracle.com/ilearn/en/learner/jsp/playerjsp?rco_id-220941449 Find on page No results Opti instarn Java Foundations-Student English (Answer all questions in this section) 6. Using the Random class requires an import statement O True O False 7. Which class is used to generate random numbers? O Integer O Random ODouble O Number 8. Which values are returned by the method nextBooleanO: O Returns the next value. ONothing is returned. O An integer value. Either a true or false. 9. What is the output of the following code? public static void main(String args[) ( String firsstrin: Java, firstString = firstString.concat(World); System.out.printin(firstString); ○JavaWorld ○ World ○Java World O Java 10. String objects are immutable. O True ○ False Previous Page 2 of 3 Next Summary Finish Test 0 Type here to search
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