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8. Draw free body diagrams of each member (ABC, CDE, and DBF) Clearly state any assumptions. (9 Points) 9. Determine the reactions at pins A, B, C, D, and E as x and y components for the members shown in Problem 8. (15 Points). 10. Draw the (a) normal, (b) shear, and (e) moment diagrams for beam CDE in Problems 8-9. As part of the normal, shear, and moment diagrams, develop functional relationships as a function of the position along the length of the beam (function ofX) (9 Points) 15m 11. Member CDE in Problems 8-10 is a 75 mm solid square cross section and made from 1020 HR steel. Determine the (a) transverse deflection as a function (x) along the length of the member, (b) location of the maximum transverse deflection, and (c) slope at E. (15 Points) 12. Now consider the system in Problems 8.-11 as a fatigue problem where the loading at C varies between zero and 600N. Determine if infinite life is predicted in member CDE. If infinite life is not predicted, estimate the number of cycles before failure. Use pins that are 12 mm in diameter at locations, C, D, and E. (25 Points)
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