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HW1 CBE 253 Spring 2019 (due 1/22/2019 8:00 am) Reduced quantities are often used in thermodynamics: reduced temperature T,reduced T. pressure P and reduced volume V,where T, P. and V, are the corresponding quantities at the critical point. The ideal gas law can be expressed in terms of the reduced quantities as 1. Write a function file HW1_1 YourLastName.m that accepts an array of V and returns the corresponding arrays of P for T-1 and 2. That is, the file calculates P and P2 that are the arrays for T-1and T-2, respectively. Note that the file requires element-by-element operations (how do we do the operations?) 2. Write a script file HW1 2_YourlastName.m that defines V(0.5, 1, 1.5,, 3) and calculates and P2 using HW1 1 YourLastName.m. 3. Write a function file HW1 3 YourlastName.m that accepts arrays of P and V,, and returns T for every combination of P and V,. (Hint: when a is a nx 1 column vector and b is a 1 x n row vector, a.b is an nx n matrix whose elements are the products of all the combinations of the elements of a and b.) Write a script file HW1-4-YourLastName.m that defines F:-( 1, 2, 3) and ,-05, 1, 1.5) and calculates T, for every combination of P and V, using HW1, 3 YourLastName.m. 4. Answer question 4
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