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Answer the following questions. This assignment is worth 5 points and is due on Monday, February 4th. You will receive full credit as long as you answer the questions fully and turn the assignment in on time. Late assignments will lose I point. Please answer the questions in complete sentences in your own words. Dont copy document word-for-word. Work on this in groups, but please provide your own answers. from the Use the documents from French Louisiana to answer the following questions. I. What happened at the Natchez settlement in 1729? (I Point) fh, ad e macacr massacroC dmcst al o tiem 2. The French attacked and defeated the Natchez, but why was their victory incomplete? (What prevented them from completely defeating the Natchez?) (I Point) What did slaves do during the event? Why? 3. What happened to the African slaves whom the French abandoned to the Choctaw?(I Point) 4. What happened to the Chaouachas? (I Point) 5. Explain why the French acted as described in #4 and #5. What was their goal / intent? (1 Point)
Documents from French Louisiana Attack on the Natchez Settlement Letter from Father le Petit, Missionary, to Father dA vaugor, Procurator of the Missions in North America. (At New Orleans, 7/12/1730) Here, Father le Petit describes the Natchez attack on the French colony. After having thus given you a slight ideas of the character and customs of the Natchez Savages, I proceed, my Reverand Father, as I have promised you, to enter on a detail of their perfidy and treason. It was on the second of December of the year 1729, that we learned they [the Natchez] had surprised the French, and had massacred almost all of them. This sad news was first brought to us by one of the planters, who had escaped their fury. It was confirmed to us on the following day by other French fugitives, and finally, some French women whom they had made slaves, and were forced afterward to restore, brought us all the particulars. These barbarians spared but two of the French, a Tailor and a Carpenter, who were able to serve their wants. They did not treat badly either the Negro Slaves, or the Savages who were willing to give themselves up: but they ripped up the belly of every pregnant woman, and killed almost all those who were nursing their children, because they were disturbed by their cries and tears. Aftermath of Attack Following the Natchez attack, the French retaliated and defeated the Natchez Governor Périer commented on problems the French faced The Choctaw were a powerful Native American tribe in the Southeast. an important alliance with them France had Governor Périer: The defeat [of the Natchez] would have been complete if it had not been for the negroes who before this had made common cause with the Natchez and who by their resistance had given the latter time to enter their two forts, and at the same time had prevented the Choctaws from taking away their powder. Le Petit: They [French officers] had abandoned to the Tchactas (Choctaws] three Negroes who had been most unruly, and who had taken the most active part in behalf of the Natchez. They [African slaves] have been burned alive with a degree of cruelty Iby the Choctaw which has inspired all the Negroes with a new horror of the Savages, but which will havea beneficial effect in securing the safety of the Colony. Attack on the Chaouachas On December 5, 1729, Governor Périer sent a band of armed black slaves to destroy the Chaouachas, a small village of just 30 warriors. His purpose was to keep the other small nations established on the river in an attitude of respect. However, he did not send the slaves to attack other small villages as he feared it would make them too bold and inclined to revolt.
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