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  3. answer the questions below create queries save the sql syntax...

Question: answer the questions below create queries save the sql syntax...

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AdoptionGroup Animal AdoptionlD AdoptionSource ContactName ContactPhone AnimaliD Category Breed Breed DateBorn Gender Registered Color Photo Category Breed City Category LastName FirstName Supplier GtylD Category Registration SupplierlD Name ContactName Phone City State AreaCode Population1990CitylD Population1980 Imageheight ImageWidth Adoption!D SaleID Donationn TaxPayerlD DateHired DateReleased ZIPCode Sale CitylD Country SalelD SaleDate EmployeelD CustomerlD Customer CustomerlD Phone FirstName LastName Address Latitude Managerld Employeelevel Title Longitude Saleltem SalelD ItemiD Quantity SalePrice MerchandiseOrder CitylD Orderltem PONumber ItemID Quantity Merchandise ItemID Description QuantityOnHand Lis Price PONumber SupplierlD EmployeelD ShippingCost Category

Answer the questions below:

create queries, save the SQL syntax of all queries in one text file, separate and mark with question number.

1. List the name and contact information for suppliers in Nebraska (NE).

2. List all of the employees who are managed by Katy Reasoner.​​​​​​​

3. Are male dogs more likely to be registered than the females?

4. Does the store have more potential sales revenue (list price) in inventory (quantity on hand) for dog items or cat items?​​​​​​​

5. Which employee sold the most quantity of items in March?

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