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  3. answer the questions below in complete sentences your answers should...

Question: answer the questions below in complete sentences your answers should...

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  • Answer the questions below in complete sentences. Your answers should make it clear that you understand the concepts in the module. All answers must be in your own words.
  • Most questions can be answered with 2-3 concise sentences, but this is a very general guideline. Questions with multiple parts, or that ask you to compare several things, will need to be longer. Occasionally a very straightforward question can be adequately answered in one sentence.
  • Scoring: Each answer is worth 3 points unless otherwise noted. Answers that are accurate, complete, and have a good level of explanation backed by the reading receive full credit. Answers that have a minor inaccuracy or that need a bit more explanation receive 2 points. Answers that have significant issues but are not completely wrong get 1 point. Occasionally you may receive 1.5 points when questions have two parts and you have one part correct.
  • You may submit your answers as a text entry or an uploaded doc, docx, pdf, or odt file.
  1. Why do businesses seek to hire employees with critical thinking skills?
  2. What things prevent people and businesses from thinking critically?
  3. Give your own real or hypothetical example of a Type I error that might occur in the workplace. Do not repeat an example from the reading.
  4. Why is knowledge of the three levels of thinking (rhetoric, dialectic, reason) useful in business?
  5. Is it possible for the “probability of knowing something” to be 1/1? What would that mean?
  6. What is the contradiction between determinism and free will?
  7. Which of the “four religious attitudes toward the modern economic and social reality” do you think is most prevalent in the U.S. (or in your culture) today? Explain.
  8. According to the author of these readings, how willing or reluctant should you be to point out “nonsense” in the workplace when you see it? Do you agree with the author?
  9. Overall, does the author of these readings believe that business is scientific, or not? Give evidence. Do you agree?
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