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Question: answer the questions i have not answered thank you...

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A note about Naming Stratified Epithelium: 1. # ar ceV layers? Shape of cells in the apical layer? ape of ceits on the APICAL layer? Shape of cells at the BASAL layers? shst free REVIEW EXERCISES ABOUT EPITHELIAL TISSUES 1. NAME the epithelial tissues cilia Connective tissue A. B. Connective tissue

BIOL 2301 Martini052013 Mckinley2 2. Location of epithelial tissues (choices can be used more than once) Key: a. pseudostratified cilated columnar c. simple cuboidal e.stratified squamous b. simple columnar d. simple squamous f. transitional lining of the esophagus lining of the stomach. lung tissue, alveolar wal. collecting tubules of the kidney epidermis of the skin. lining of the bladder. a single layer of flattened cells. 3. Describe the anatomy of epithelial tissues: 4. Can substances pass easily through simple squamous epithelium? Al Yes B) No ls it easily damaged? A) Yes B) No WHY? 5. How many cell layers does stratified cuboidal epithelium has? 10-30 a)several b)one c) d)2.3 Learning Outcome 3: Compare the structure and function of the various types of connective tissue. Openstax: 4.3 Connective Tissue Martini: 4-4 Connective Tissue McKinley: 5.2 Connective Tissue Connective tissue is the MOST diverse and abundant tissue in the human body 1. Anatomy of connective tissue: 1a Cells are surrounded by extracellular matrix (ground substa nce (fluid)+ protein

elastic fibers organs; binds skin & suroundsorgans, other epithelia to nerve cels, muscle and blood vessel celis diot Adiyt Has letdio energy; Subcutaneouslayer extracellular insulates, cushlons, under skin; surrounds os, Fu. 4.33 Mcinle Table 55 and protects some oreans Name of Cells it has Type of Fibers it has CT Tissue Type Functions Locations in the body Fibroblast Mainy Attaches bone to Ligaments regular CT Martini, Fis 4-12 Mickniey. Table 56 collagen fibers bone (ligament), tendons and little elastic attaches muscle to fibers bone (tendon), resists applied in 1 direction stress chondrocyte Contains packs Provides support; Tip of nose, trachea, Hyaline Cartilage Martini, FIg. 4-15 os,Fig、416 Mclinley, Table 5.7 of collagen forms most of fetal epiphyseal plate of fibers skeleton long bones, etc Fibrocartilage (complete on your own) Elastic cartilage (complete on your own) Bone osteocyte Collagen and Protects& supports Bones of the body some elastic organs ibers stores Martini, F 4-17 calcium phosphorus, etc. Mckinley: Table 5.8 Red blood No fibers but its Transportation of Within blood vessels cells and extracellular substances (02, and the heart Blood Martini, Fig. 0s, Fig. 4.17 McKinley. nwhite blood matrix is a fluid waste, etc.); called plasma protection against cells Table 5.9 pathogens 12

Learning Outcome 7: Describe the types of tissu Openstag: Tissue Membranes Martini: 시 TIssue Membranes McKinley: 5.Sb Body Membranes ON YOUR OWN: READ and complete the foowing questions about tse Describe what a tissue membrane is 2. Circle One: is a tissue membrane the same thing as a plasma membrane? Yes 3. What type of tissues are tissue membranes made of? 4. Where are tissue membranes found No 5. LIST the 4 (fourj types of tissue membranes found in the human body 6. Complete the following table about tissue membranes Membrane Location: araLocation | Mucous Another name: Coated with ke Functions: - Serous What do serous Functions: membranes secrete? Cutaneous Another name Membrane Location: Functions: Synovial Location: Membrane What do synovial Function: membranes secrete? 16

answer the questions I have not answered, thank you.

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