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Question: antifreeze can be purchased in pourready diluted 1 gallon 5050...

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Antifreeze can be purchased in pour-ready diluted 1 gallon 50/50 mixture bottles or in concentrated form (100% antifreeze). Antifreeze must be watered down to a 50/50 antifreeze-to-water concentration. The downside to purchasing the 50/50 mixture is that it costs more to have less of the pourable mixture. As an entrepreneur, you see a profit possibility in creating your own mixture from the concentrate. You decide to make 1-gallon bottles of 50/50 mixture by using a combination of 20/80 antifreeze- to-water ($11.99 at AutoZone) mixture and the pure concentrate ($10.99 at AutoZone). You plan on repackaging them into 1-gallon bottles to sell. How many gallons of each should be used per bottle of the product youre selling? (Note that were talking about decimal parts of a gallon.) (NOTE: the ratio, 20/80, for example, means the liquid contains 20% pure antifreeze and 80% pure water) Give a complete layout and soluton to this problem by: a.) Clearly defining the variables to be solved for. b) Clearly stating the constraints, in words. c) Clearly writing out the constraints, as mathematical equations. d.) Clearly describing how you solved (using any technique you choose discussed in the Week 1 Videos/eBook) for the variables, the conclusion, and any important practical considerations behind the solution.
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