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  3. any help is greatly appreciated thanks...

Question: any help is greatly appreciated thanks...

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5- (30 pts) The outer surface of a 20-cm-thick wall in summer is at 44°C. The outer surface of the wall exchanges heat by radiation with surrounding at 40°C, and convection with ambient air also at 40°C with a convection heat transfer coefficient of 5 W/m*2-K. Solar radiation is incident on the surface at a rate of 150 W/m*2 (flux). If both the emissivity and the solar absorptivity of the outer surface are 0.8, determine the inside temperature of the wall. Use a conductivity of k-0.95 W/m K for the wall 150 W/m2 44°C air and surroundings, 40°C Tip: Write the energy balance for the outer surface

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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