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  3. any help with these would be greatly appreciated thanks...

Question: any help with these would be greatly appreciated thanks...

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PHYS 113 Test 1 Take Home Problems To be turned in with Test 1. Please show all work on these sheets in a neat, organized manner You may use the back of the sheets or attach additional sheets if needed. A small ball (like we used in the demos on the first day of class) has a mass 60 x 10 kg and hangs from a string A piece of plastic is rubbed with fur and then touched to the ball, transferring a charge of -1.50 nC to the ball The ball is then placed into a horizontal uniform electric field, causing the ball to swing out t 1. o the left and come to a stable position at an angle of 123 to the left of vertical. What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field?


3. You have three 1.0 uF capacitors available to you. Find the 7 possible capacitances you can make with these. Please show a sketch of each possible arrangement along with the capacitance for each case.

4. The company you work for makes some of the best parallel plate capacitors on the market. The most robust model and the companys best seller is one that you designed the Yellowjacket which is a 9.25 cm x 9.25 cm parallel plate capacitor that has the 2.56 mm gap between the plates filled with a green & gold material that has a dielectric constant of 2.55. The company has just received a big order, but the client needs an equivalent capacitance of 465 pF for their product. The Board of Directors of the company knows you took PHYS 113 at BHSU so they come to you to figure out how to do this. To keep costs down (and profits up) they would prefer that you use a combination of only two capacitors to get the job done: one Yellowjacket, and a second capacitor that utilizes the same plates as the Yellowjacket (with the same size and spacing so that no new machining would be required) The warehouse has a variety of inexpensive gold-series dielectric materials available to use Which of the following dielectric materials could you select to use between the parallel plates of the second capacitor to get the job done? Gold Series Dielectric Material Constant Green and Gold 2.55 4.10 Black Hills Gold Homestake Gold8.35 12.40 Placer Gold Fools Gold 15.00

any help with these would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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