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any one knows the answers
(1 point) True or False: Type t for True or f for False. Notice that your number of attempts is limited Suppose an object is moving in rectilinear motion. (a) The displacement and the total distance traveled are always equal. (b) The velocity and the speed are always equal. (c) If the velocity and acceleration have the same sign, then the object is speeding up. (d) If the velocity and acceleration have different signs, then the object is slowing down. (e) The velocity of the object at a given time is equal to the slope of the position curve at that time. (f The acceleration of the object at a given time is equal to the derivative of the velocity at that time.
(1 point) Include units with your answers.) If the position of an object is given by s(t)-75t - 5 feet, then at t - -8 seconds, (a) the velocity of the object is (b) the speed of the object is , and (c) the acceleration of the object is
(1 point) For this problem, up considered the positive direction. The acceleration due to gravity is-9.81 m. You do not need units for part (a) ward will be (a) The general equation for the velocity of an object tossed upward is (All of your answers from here on, except for the first blank in Part (d), require units.) (b) If a ball is tossed upward with initial velocity 29 mthen we can find the unknown constant C. In this case, the velocity function is (c) The net change in the balls velocity from time 1.25 s to time 4.5 s is dt (d) To find the time at which the ball reaches its maximum height, we must solve the equation 0. Therefore, the maximum height occurs at t
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