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The factors that affect a companys P/Q rating for UAV drones include o the image sensors of the built-in camera, the professional quality of the action videos, the o rotor performance and flight controller features/capabilities, the number of drone models a n the assembly quality incentives paid to drone PAT members, the companys prior-year brand length of the warranty period, the number of extra performance features, and the total annual compensation paid to members of drone PATs company offers, the caliber of the obstacle sensors, and the quality of the camera stabilization device. reputation, and the prior-year worldwide average warranty claim rate on the companys drones whether the companys worldwide average price for drones sold at the companys website is above/below the global industry average, the amount of prior experience in assembling products the company requires of candidates applying for vacancies on drone PATs, the caliber of the built-in action-capture camera, prior-year worldwide warranty claim costs, and the hourly wage rate paid to drone PAT members. n whether all drone models are equipped with state-of-the art rotor technology, the average length of the warranty offered across all four geographic regions, the total number of prior year warranty claims worldwide, and the amount a drone manufacturer spends on providing free training to buyers of its drones. Copying, redistibuting or weosite posting is expressiy prohibited and constitutes copyright violation

anyone can answer it quickly.

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