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APPLICATION CASE SIEMENS BUILDS A STRATEGY-ORIENTED HR SYSTEM Siemens is a 150-year-old German company, but its not the company it was even a few years ago. Until recently, Siemens focused on producing electrical products. Today the firm has diversified into software, engineering, and services. It is also global, with more than 400,000 employees working in 190 countries. In other words, Siemens became a world leader by pursuing a corporate strategy that emphasized diversifying nto high-tech products and services, and doing so on to understand the whole process, not just bits and pieces. To support this, Siemens provides extensive training and development. It also ensures that all employees feel theyre part of a strong, unifying corporate identity. For example, HR uses cross-border cross-cultural experiences as prerequisites for career advances. a3. A climate of mutual respect is the basis of all relationships-within the company and with society. Siemens contends that the wealth of nationalities, cultures, languages, and outlooks represented by its employees is one of its most valuable assets. It therefore engages in numerous HR activities aimed at building openness, transparency, and fairness, and supporting diversity global basis. With a corporate strategy like that, human resource management plays a big role at Siemens. Sophisticated engineering and services require more focus on employee selection, training, and compensation than in the average firm, and globalization requires delivering these services globally. Siemens sums up the basic themes of its HR strategy in several points. These include: 1. A living company is a learning company. The high-tech nature of Siemens business means that employees must be able to learn on a continuing basis. Siemens uses its system of combined classroom and hands-on apprentice Questions 1. Based on the information in this case, provide examples for Siemens of at least four strategically required organizational outcomes, and four required workforce ship training around the world to help facilitate this. and management development. the potential of the firms human resources. Because it feel free to work together and interact, employees have competencies and behaviors It also offers employees extensive continuing education 2. Global teamwork is the key to developing and using all is so important for employees throughout Siemens to 2. Identify at least four strategically relevant HR policies and activities that Siemens has instituted in order to help human resource management contribute to achieving Siemens strategic goals 3. Provide a brief illustrative outline of a strategy map for Siemens.
CONTINUING CASE CARTER CLEANING COMPANY The High-Performance Work System As a recent graduate and as a person who keeps up with the business press, Jennifer is familiar with the benefits of programs such as total quality management and high- performance work systems cleaning fluid before washing items like these. As a result, blouses were being washed in cleaning fluid these fine white that had residue from othe r, earlier washes. jennifer now wonders whether these employee meetings should be expanded to give the employees an even bigger role in managing the Carter stores quality. We cant be ck has actually installed a total quality program of rts at Carter, and it has been in place for about 5 years. everywhere watching everything all the time, she said to her This program takes the form of employee meetings. Jack father. Yes, but these people only earn about $8 to $15 per holds employee meetings periodically, but particularly when hour. Will they really want to act like mini-managers? there is a serious problem in a stor work or machine breakdowns. When problems like these arise, instead of trying to diagnose them himself or with Jennifer, he contacts all the employees in that store and Questions meets with them as soon as the store closes. Hourly employ 1. Would you recommend that the Carters expand their ees get extra pay for these meetings. The meetings have been useful in helping Jack to identify and rectify severa ke? problems. For example, in one store all the fine white blouses 2. Assume the Carters want to institute a high-performance were coming out looking dingy. It turned out that the cleaner/spotter had been ignoring the company rule that required cleaning (boiling down) the perchloroethylene you think they should focus on. sor as poor-quality he replied. quality program? If so, specifically what form should it work system as a test program in one of their stores. Write a one-page outline summarizing important HR practices
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