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Applications: Leading in a new contex med was a successful sales manager in a catering company for five years, leading his team Mohammed of 8 sales reps to increased performance ever ear and greatly expanding his organizations re of the local catering market. However, as his company was fairly small and there was no further opportunity for career development there, he has recently moved to a new post at an IT company Here, he is leading a team of 20 sales reps and faces competition at the national rather than just the local level. The sales reps in this team are used having a substantial amount of autonomy in how ey conduct their work and from his first few days e job, Mohammed has realized that many of to th n the ther that be the followers experience or their trust and con tollower conido
ing confridence in owers ability, seeking in tasks requiring personal competence rovement ext them are also quite competitive with each other. However, he is already wondering if the team could perform better if they cooperated more rather than being so individualistic. » To what extent will Mohammeds previous experience as a sales manager be of use in this new industry and new team What challenges do you think Mohammed will face in his first few months in the new job? Using insights from contingency theory and path-goal theory, what would you recommend he focuses on first?
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