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tem 1 Apply the equation y .RmAVa(m 12 13, to a simple single-slit diffraction problem. Suppose that you illuminate the back side of a narrow slit with 616 nm laser light and observe the diffraction pattern on a screen R 7.8m away, You find that the distance between the centers of the first minima (dark fringes on either side of the central bright fringe in the pattern is 2yi 25mm. How wide is the slit? Figure 1 Sateen. SOLUTION SET UP The angle 0 in this situation is very small, so we can use the approximate relationship given in the introduction. (Figure 1) shows the distances. The distance y1 from the central maximum tothe first minimum on either side is half the distance between the two first minima, so y, (25mm)/2. SOLVE Solving the equation for the slit width a and substituting m 1, we find that RA 7.8 6.16x10 2.5x10 m /2 3.8 x 10 0.38mm REFLECT It can also be shown that the distance between the second minima on the two sides is mm), and so on. Part A- Practice Problem: What is the distance between the sixth minima on the two sides of the central brightfringe? Express your answer as an integer and include appropriate units. Value Units Submit My Answers Give Up ProvideEeedback Continue

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