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Data: specific heat capacity of air, c-1kJ/kg/K; reference air density, p-1.2kg/m3; kinematic viscosity of air, u=1.5×10-6m2/s; latent heat of vaporization of water, L- 2450kJ/kg.
. Answer ALL parts of this question A south-facing medium-weight detached house is 6m wide, 6m high, and 10m deep. It is located in Nottingham where there are 1800 heating degree days per year. It has 3 windows and 1 door located in both the front and rear façades Each window is 1m wide by 1m high and each door is 1m wide by 2m high. Its fabric has U-values (W/m2/K): walls 1.5; windows 2.0; doors 3.0; floor 5.0; roof 0.5. Under its floor is a crawl space whose air can be considered to be at ambient temperature. Assume that the roof U-value applies to attic insulation and that the tiled roof offers minimal resistance to heat transfer so the house can be considered to be a cuboid. The mean ventilation rate is 2 air changes per hour. It has a permeability of 15m3/h/m2. Its 23kW boiler runs for 16 hours per day to maintain a comfort temperature of 18.5 C. Average casual heat gains are 1kW (a) Calculate the fabric, ventilation, and building thermal conductance giving your solutions to the nearest whole unit. Show all workings and tabulate your solutions [25] (b) Estimate the percentage of time per year that the boiler can provide the required heating load (c) Discuss the purpose and validity of a standard blower-door test conducted in this house (d) The owner of the house is interested in installing a balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system to simultaneously save energy and ensure good air quality. Using sketches to help you, explain why kitchens and bathrooms must be locations for air extraction, and discuss whether an MVHR system will achieve the owners aims in this house
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