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  3. are these correct i cant list one more than once...

Question: are these correct i cant list one more than once...

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Are these correct? I can’t list one more than once

Receptors is sinilar to the mutiple groups and fan pages you sabscribe to all sending you messages on the same platiorm and in doing so, decreasing the lkelihood you will receive the ncreased sensit Competition is exemplified by a friend inviting you to a social event while another friend invites you to the same event in a diferent message on the same platform. Down. nqulation is similar to decreasing the numbers of devices and methods you have for receiving messages as a result of being overwhelmed with excess messages. Specificity Affinity is similar to your friend A inviting you to an event that makes you want to attend compared to your friend B inviting you to the same event on the same platform that makes you not want to attend. Ingreased sensitivity can be described as an overall increase in the likelihood you will recelive specific messages on a given platform possibly due to more devices or an increased efficiency of device use gs Antagonist is demonstrated by certain types of messages being programmed to automatically delete from your inbox after a set amount of time. vewed as having so many messages that you simply lack the time to respond to them al Anaogaist are like the mulbtude of different sccial media and communication pstforms you whidh paricipae in teit phone M ams etc) Each lows a possibe messace to be sc results in your response Reset
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