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Area A MomentI Moment K Moment Z Moment Z Section Shape 4 b0.58 D bh3 bh2 bh2 bh 3 V3 32V3 80 32 64 3 3A3 (a2+b2) 3 3 2trtQuestion #2 You are designing a solid shaft of radius, r, where r is a free variable. The material choice is a free variable, with density ρ and price cm. You would like the shaft to be as inexpensive as and it must resist a given torque, T, and a given compressive load, P. The shaft is of fixed length, L. The equation relating the failure torque of the shaft, T, to the onset of yield, σ is shown in Section B.6 of the Ashby text. The equation for compressive failure is Oy Force/area. ơ.is the yield stress. . Determine the two Material Indices for the shaft.Elastic deflection LT KG T,θ Failure d, do T(onset of yield) T,θ 2Koi brittle fracture) Yield T = Torque (Nm) θ = Angle of twist G = Shear modulus (N/m2) L = Length (m) d = Diameter (m) K = See Table B.2 (m4) 2 Fracture Yield strength (N/m2) = Modulus of rupture (N/m2) Ơfr T

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