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As a leader, you should have a toolkit that you can reference as needed during your leadership of teams, especially a virtual team. Evaluating what is happening in a virtual team and then knowing what strategy or technique to implement makes you a stronger leader. It also promotes team confidence in your ability to lead. Members trust that you know what you are doing and that you can handle any situation that occurs within the team.

1. First, select one of the following challenges of a virtual work team and then research strategies or techniques on how to handle the challenge so the team can move forward and be productive.


- Lack of clarity for team objectives

- Individual team members’ goals not aligned

- Lack of a member(s) necessary skills and knowledge of for the task(s)

- Team members feel confused and overwhelmed by the technology they are using

- Less communication production

- Diversity of the team members, including culture and time zone differences

2. State the challenge and two strategies you have chosen from your research to turn the challenge into an opportunity. Compose your post as a scenario in which you describe the situation, your plan as the leader, your application of the strategies, and your assessment of the results. Please cite your sources.

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