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As a result of the SWOT analysis and in consultation with your supervisor, identify the change/s you are going to pursue from this analysis for this assessment and why. Outline the goal/s you wish to achieve as a part of this change project.


 1.       Highly motivated & skilled staff.



2.       Very convenient location.


3.       Well known and regarded in the community.

 4.       History of successful open day events.


 5.       Nutritional menus choices to establish healthy eating habits.


Weaknesses (performance gaps):




1.       Not enough full-time staff.


2.       Most of the staff are part-time students; therefore, there is short staff during the exam period.

 3.       Services too stretched for additional activity.


 4.       Enrolment numbers are restricted due to limited space.


 5.       High fixed and variable costs.


 6.  Staffs not following the policy and procedures properly



7.  Staffs keep the phone with them and answer it anytime.


8.  management team are very flexible and not too strict with staffs



 1.       Upskill the existing staff by providing extra training.


2.       Hiring more full-time employees.


 3.       Expand the facilities a bit further to facilitate more children.


 4.       Extend the opening hour to attract more parents.



 1.       There are existing competitors due to high demand in the area.


 2.       There are also in-house childcare services available at a low cost.


 3.       Employees may move to work for competitors.


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